Wisconsin Golf Outing

Posted by kbabler on November 05, 2015
Member Contributions

What a success!  Our first annual charity golf outing, Together We Can Make a Difference.  We had an incredible day with 56 golfers and 78 degree weather.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day to have a charity golf outing.

You can’t always put into words what you experience but I believe these two situations sum up the heart of the golf outing.

1.       Unknown to those running the outing, Mike Grau from PCI Construction bought Ben and Ron Tagtow $20 of 50/50 raffle tickets, so that they had a chance at winning the money. Their number didn’t get chosen but then….

2.       Rob Gudates, from Philadelphia Insurance who won the 50/50 raffle, (which was $500) gave his winning portion back to the family.  The crowd erupted, applauding his generosity.

This year’s recipients of the Charity Golf Outing went to a family from Robertson Ryan & Associates; Pete, Shelly, Ron and Ben Tagtow.  Shelly has worked at Robertson Ryan for 13 years and just recently found out both Ron and Ben has type-1 childhood diabetes.  Your donations will allow us to give the family $1,500, to help to ease the stress of medical bills.

The Wisconsin Home Nest wants to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful and we hope you will be able to support us again next year.

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