Indianapolis Puddle had a door busting turn out for the initial meeting!

Posted by kbabler on September 30, 2015
Member Contributions

The Indianapolis Puddle had a door busting turn out for our initial meeting. We were fortunate to ceremonially induct thirty-two new members that evening and have additional members already planning their induction for our next meeting in October. We are already planning a charitable event in December for an Indy Fuel hockey game and have a charity golf event in the works for July 2016. Congratulations to our newly elected board members who are diligently working on getting everything set up:

Larry Lubs – loyal gander
Scott Jones – supervisor of the flock
Amanda Terrell – custodian of the flock
Pamela Glass – wielder of the goose quill
Jeannene Talbott – keeper of the golden goose egg
Kim Roudebush – guardian of the flock

And the committee chairs who are already busy working on upcoming plans and activities:

Steve Buck
Allen Keen
Kim Falcon
Andrea Perry

A BIG thanks to Randall Wilson, Kim Bilbrey and Steven Ettinger and all of our surrounding ponds for the support they continue to provide as we build and organize our puddle here in Indianapolis! We are looking forward to a wonderful finish to 2015 and an exciting new start in 2016!

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